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White-tailed Deer Pictures

Welcome to this section of Deer-Pictures.com. Here you will find detailed information on white-tailed deer and excellent pictures of white-tailed deer. Feel free to download any of the pictures to your computer.

The White-Tailed Deer is the adaptable new world counterpart to the Roe Deer in Europe. Its size and appearance varies according to the geographical location in which it lives, with larger animals being found at more northerly latitudes, while further south the smallest kinds of White-Tailed Deer occur. The White-Tailed Deer is thinly built, and high legged, with a thin slender neck and gracile head. The tail is long and bushy, and as the name implies has a white underside. The rump patch is also white.

The coat is a greyish brown colour during the summer, and in the winter is darker. There are often numerous white patches on the sides of the face and sometimes along the side of the body. The antlers are complex and many tined. They grow first outwards and backwards, before turning to point forwards and more inwards. There can be up to 15 tines, 3 or 4 of which point backwards.

More information about the white-tailed deer is available on the next 2 pages, including behaviour, reproduction and more. White-tailed deer are a favourite among hunters.

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