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White-tailed Deer Pictures

Welcome to this section of Deer-Pictures.com. Here you will find detailed information on white-tailed deer and excellent pictures of white-tailed deer. Feel free to download any of the pictures to your computer.


This is a very adaptable species. Originally a woodland deer, it has adapted well to the changes made to the American landscape by man, and has successfully colonised agricultural areas, and is even found in some urban suburbs. The clearances of the north American forests and the production of more open forests has benefited the White-Tailed Deer greatly and has led to a large increase in its numbers. As well as this many of its former predators are either now absent or occur at much lower densities than before, meaning White-Tailed numbers remain high.


The White-Tailed Deer is found throughout North America, only being absent from parts of the southwest that are too arid for it to survive in. It is most numerous in the east, and it occurs from the north of Canada, to Florida, and southwards into South America. Because of their large distribution many subspecies have developed, those in the cold north being larger than those in the south. In Florida the smallest subspecies occur, and these weigh only about 25 kg. The deer living in the south of its range have a tropical lifestyle while those living further north have lives that are governed by the seasons.

White-tailed deer are a favourite among hunters.

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